As a guiding force in the life of children, we encourage involvement in the activities of the World Peace Foundation.  With little effort, big things can happen.  It will be important that we serve as role models for the children.  We cannot be warriors and expect them to be gentle servers of humanity.

Specific ideas on how to accomplish this meeting of the minds and hearts will be covered in a message in the near future.  In the meantime, check out our PROGRAMS and YOUTH PAGE.


. Spread the word about the work of the World Peace Foundation

. Visit the site of the World Peace Village and lend a hand with chores

. Support the Masters of the Universe by donating items for the "love baskets"

. Establish a Starbase One in your community

. Become a Global Scholar

. Volunteer to teach one or more units in the Molecule of Life

. When it is time, send dolls, beverages, flowers, and trees from around the world

. Love one another


Membership is open to all who believe in PEACE through LOVE.  There are no dues or applications.  We are non-profit, but not tax exempt.  Donations, small or large, must truly come from the heart and not merely another tax deduction.  Our motto is "Building Tomorrow's Communities With Love."  Funds will be used initially for the following:

. Acquisition of land for World Peace Village (40-acres)

. Services of an architect / planner.

. Hiring of personnel

  • Village Manager / Caretaker (part time)
  • Bookkeeper (part time)
  • Computer Specialist (part time)


There are several ways in which you can help the World Peace Foundation to carry out its mission.

.  The PARRAIN GROUP (Godparents) has been established as a magical gift-giving component to our existing non-profit organization.  Members who contribute $200 or more will receive a musical unicorn box which plays "To Dream the Impossible Dream."

.  FRIENDS OF THE FOUNDATION has been established for those who contribute $2 to $199.  A certificate will be given to each donor.

.  IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS are given to the Foundation by businesses and other organizations who provide goods and/or services free of charge or at a reduced rate.  They will be acknowledged with a certificate or musical box depending on the monetary value associated with the in-kind contribution.

.  VOLUNTEERS of all ages are needed to help with organizing Starbase One in communities, working with the Masters of the Universe, teaching units in the Molecule of Life, planning and constructing the World Peace Village, and other activities related to the programs and projects of the Foundation.  Volunteers simply give from the heart without expectation of monetary incentives.  They will be recognized by the Foundation in a special way.

In addition to the initial costs listed under MEMBERSHIP, funds will be used to purchase supplies and equipment, audio-visual services, food, furniture, printing and publication costs, postage, games and recreational materials, plants, and tools.

Expenditures are approved by two WPF board members, monitored by a local banker, and audited annually.  Updates will be given periodically via the Internet and/or provided in writing upon request.

Please take the time to make your donation today.  Simply complete the Contribution Form (printable form available in Adobe Reader PDF format).  Pass the remaining form along with website information to someone else whom you believe would be interested in learning about the World Peace Foundation and making a contribution.

.We welcome your questions and interest. To receive more information on our organization, please call or write: